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Harrison-Chevalier specializes in negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and mediation consulting . We focus on enhancing our client’s ability to navigate complex issues, avoid the high cost of litigation, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

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While working together, we will help you turn every challenge into an avenue for growth, transformation, and innovation.


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Debt Disputes Mediation
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We use proprietary tools and unmatched expertise in every mediation or negotiation strategy.
Wide range of mediation consulting options to meet the diverse needs of our clients
Over 20 years of experience in negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation consulting & training.
We work beyond a one-off event to build bridges and promote long-term client centered relationships and outcomes.
We offer client centered services as trusted advisors and neutral facilitators.

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Why Choose Harrison-Chevalier?

Harrison-Chevalier is a top-rated negotiation/mediation consulting firm in Los Angeles, but we have experience throughout all fifty states & around the world. We focus on enhancing our client’s ability to focus, strategize , and achieve the “…highest and best possible outcomes…”



Civil Conflict Mediation

In today’s turbulent climate, litigation has often become the first line of response whenever there is a
disagreement, contract dispute, partnership issue or misunderstanding of any kind. While going to court
may sound or feel like a good idea, it can be expensive, time consuming, and litigants rarely achieve the
exact outcome or result they are seeking.
No doubt, litigation may be the best alternative for some situations, but it often should not be your first
option; especially when a faster, more cost effective, mutually acceptable choice may be right at your

With over 20 years of experience in negotiation consulting, alternative dispute resolution and conflict mediation, Harrison-Chevalier is the smart first step before deciding to head into the court system. Why not take advantage of H-C’s discrete, no cost consultation to learn more and explore your options today? Nobody can guarantee results, but our highly trained mediation experts can help you gain important insights and answer your questions, so go ahead, call or schedule your no-cost consult right now.

Below are a few of the civil issues that H-C Mediation experts are ready to discuss today

Contracts & Partnerships

Medical Billing

Services &

Business Conflicts

Real Estate Matters

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Family Mediation Services

At Harrison-Chevalier we know that every family has its own unique dynamic. We understand both personally and professionally because H-C mediators are people with families too; some of us have experienced divorce, child custody issues, financial conflicts, and more so we recognize that it isn’t easy, and that no two people, or two situations are the same.
As your mediators, we’ll work every step of the way to keep the focus on litigation avoidance by facilitating movement toward mutually acceptable solutions that reflect the best for both parties, and for your family, despite strong feelings, individual goals, and complex circumstances.

As mediators or as trusted advisors, Harrison-Chevalier, will facilitate, and support your journey or transition with integrity, empathy, and professionalism.

Workplace Mediation

Having unresolved conflicts in your workplace will cost more than just money, they can damage morale, sabotage focus, erode productivity, and jeopardize the welfare and performance of the entire team or business.
But with the workplace mediation experts at Harrison Chevalier, you may be able to quickly identify & resolve issues, and get back to what matters most: teamwork & success.

Regardless of how complex the grievance, complaint, or allegation, our professional workplace mediation team can facilitate, support, and guide you every step of the way:

Employees/ team disagreements

Top management and employees conflict

Business Conflicts Mediations

Bullying, harassment, and discrimination allegations

Business partners disagreements

Mergers & acquisitions disagreements

Professional Negligence Mediation

Parent Coordination Mediation

After going through a divorce, no matter how painful or complicated, your children need you more than ever. They also need stability, consistency, clarity, routine, and emotional anchors to hold on to while they navigate the muddy and unfamiliar waters of their new normal. Co-parenting agreements and coordination are really important parts of a successful transition not only for parents, but especially for kids. Harrison-Chevalier understands how important, how sensitive, and how difficult these agreements can be, some of our mediators have been there, so we will do everything in our power to help you keep your children’s interest above anything and everything else.

Let us listen, let us ask questions, explore options, identify alternatives and facilitate the process so that no matter how difficult and complex the circumstances, the needs and future of your children will be front and center in your relationship with your ex, and more importantly, in your relationship with your kids.

Personal Injury Mediation

After an injury, the pain, discomfort and inconvenience of your physical condition are only part of the overall equation.
What about all the other important issues and questions like; how I am I going to take care of my kids, my home and family? What about medical costs? What about my vehicle, my job or company, where are the resources going to come from? And what are the longer-term issues and challenges, how should I navigate those challenges? 

While every personal injury situation is unique, some things rarely change, you want the best possible outcome for yourself, and for you family, while those responsible for your injuries may have very different ideas about what is fair and equitable.

Because the courts can take years to resolve some issues, and litigation can be  expensive, mediation may be the bridge to an amicable resolution and answers to your questions in a faster time frame.

Call today, let’s talk about your situation? Even if mediation isn’t the route for you, we may be able to help. If you need a strong advocate, Harrison-Chevalier has years of experience as negotiation consultants for clients. If a lawyer is appropriate, we may be able to help you find the right attorney. If mediation is the best route however, we will facilitate your mediation with integrity, impartiality, and professionalism.

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